Teeth whitening made easy

Teeth whitening made easy

Posted on May 20, 2015

What’s one thing that can make or break a photo? Your smile!

A nice, bright smile can make all the difference to not only photos but more importantly, your self-confidence. So if you’ve looked in the mirror lately and started noticing an unwanted, yellow tinge to your not-so-pearly whites, it’s not difficult or too costly to do something about it.

Of course, we all want a dazzling smile that looks healthy but those daily habits such as drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, smoking and so on, do take their toll. Not to mention, our teeth discolour naturally as we get older (that’s just an added perk!).

At NovaDental, our Zoom whitening treatment can result in your teeth being up to eight shades whiter at the end of one two-hour appointment. Now that’s impressive!

NovaDental offers a teeth whitening experience that ensures you’re comfortable every step of the way. Our rooms are spacious so that you don’t feel cramped and are designed so that you’re in a relaxing atmosphere.

Our team uses the latest research, technology and products to provide you with the latest techniques in teeth whitening. While there are home whitening treatment options, we do offer in-office Zoom Whitening with Zoom white speed at the same low cost of$450.

We know that with prices increasing across the board steadily that sometimes, your budget just can’t squeeze in anything that’s not necessary. We’ve lowered our Zoom teeth whitening costs because we want you to treat yourself a little and do something nice for yourself!

Each treatment is personalised to suit your needs so that we can achieve your personal teeth whitening goal. We don’t believe in rushing any dental treatment here at NovaDental. As with any treatment, we’re here to guide you in your search for whiter teeth.

And the great news is that it’s a very cost-effective way to whiter, brighter teeth as we’re offering this treatment for $450.

For just $295, you’ll receive a smile evaluation, surface stain removal and the Zoom! In-chair whitening treatment.

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