Road trip! Keep your teeth fresh while travelling

Road trip! Keep your teeth fresh while travelling

Posted on Jul 13, 2015

You can take a break from many things in life but you can’t really take a break from your oral hygiene. Often, travelling has the potential to throw everything into chaos which makes keeping your normal routine, all that more difficult to maintain.

Given we’re freezing our way through winter (brrrrr, it’s cold!), you may be thinking about heading off to a warmer climate.

So to help you out, our NovaDental dentists have put their heads together to come up with 5 fantastic tips that will help you to keep your teeth in top shape while travelling.

  1. Be prepared

Before you do anything, when you’re packing your toiletries for your big trip, don’t just mindlessly fill any old case you can find. Make sure your case is clean and large enough to allow air to circulate. Anything that locks your brush in too tightly isn’t ideal for ventilation.

  1. Be snack savvy

Getting stuck at the airport: it’s every traveller’s worst nightmare. Alternatively, maybe you’ve just endured a tiring day travelling and you just want to flop into your hotel room after having a quick bite to eat. Anyone who’s found themself in either of these positions before will know that a vending machine is likely to be your go-to option. When it comes to choosing from pretzels, chips, peanuts or any of the usual snacks you’ll find inside a vending machine, if you’re thinking of your health, you may think pretzels is the best way to go. However, your teeth will thank-you for choosing peanuts and not just because pretzels are more likely to get caught between your teeth either. Evidence suggests nuts help protect tooth enamel from plaque.

  1. Allow your toothbrush to dry

You might never have realised that a wet toothbrush actually breeds bacteria. When you land at your destination, the best thing to do is to grab your toothbrush and stand it upright in a cup so that water drains away from the bristles.

  1. Always travel with a packet of gum

If you’re a regular traveller, you’ll know sometimes, food and drink just aren’t in your reach. In desperate times, chewing sugarless gum is better than nothing and will help to restore the saliva in your mouth. In turn, this can help to rinse away any excess bacteria.

  1. Think about the water you’re using

People rarely forget about drinking bottled water on trips if the local water isn’t safe to drink but sometimes, they tend to forget how else they might use water. If you’re in a location where the water isn’t safe to drink, always opt for bottled or boiled water instead.

Looking after your oral health is always important. Don’t let those unexpected events while travelling shake-up your oral hygiene habits.

If you are planning a trip and would like some more tips as to how you can look after your teeth on the go, feel free to pop-in and pay us a visit. Make an appointment by calling 1300 549 750.