5 things you need to know about if you’re pregnant this Mother’s Day

5 things you need to know about if you’re pregnant this Mother’s Day

Posted on May 07, 2015

This Sunday, most of us will come together to celebrate our mums. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world and if you find yourself celebrating this Mother’s Day as a mum-to-be, know that you have to consider your oral health.

Sure, if you’re pregnant, you may have considered that pregnancy impacts almost every aspect of a women’s life, but have you ever really thought about your oral health?

Here at NovaDental, we can’t reiterate just how important taking care of your mouth and teeth is while you’re pregnant. We’ve highlighted the oral health concerns we’d particularly like to draw your attention to below:

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Starting as early as from the second month of pregnancy, pregnancy gingivitis tends to peak at around the eight month mark and tapers off (thankfully) once the little bub is born.

Symptoms tend to vary with this one – Some women will pick-up on the fact their gums look redder and bleed when they brush their teeth. Others have a really rough trot with severe swelling and bleeding.

Its impact can be lessened by practicing good oral hygiene: Brushing at least twice a day is a must, as is flossing. It’s very important to seek your dentist’s advice in terms of the treatment used for relief.

Pregnancy Granuloma (Pyogenic Granuloma or Pregnancy Tumor)

This one’s a little scarier and usually develops during the second trimester. That said, we’re not actually dealing with a tumour here and they’re not cancerous.

Pregnancy granuloma is a growth on the gums that occurs in 2 to 10 per cent of pregnant women. These red nodules are often found near the upper gum line but can also be found elsewhere in the mouth.

The exact cause of pregnancy granuloma isn’t known but poor oral hygiene is a primary factor.

Dry mouth or excessive saliva

Both at opposite ends of the spectrum, experiencing either dry mouth or excessive saliva isn’t good. While dry mouth is the more common of the two, it can be combated by drinking plenty of water and by using sugarless hard candies or gum to stimulate saliva secretion. Meanwhile, women experiencing too much saliva in their mouth will hopefully find comfort in the fact that it should be over by the first trimester.

Tooth Erosion

If you’ve been experiencing severe bouts of morning sickness, it’s best to speak with a dentist about what you can do to prevent enamel erosion. The frequent vomiting can erode the enamel on the back of the front teeth. Avoid the temptation to brush your teeth immediately after vomiting because the acid in your mouth will only help to erode the teeth as you brush. Wait a little while to brush your teeth and when you do come to brushing them, rinse your mouth out with a mixture of baking soda and water or a bought rinse designed to reduce the acid level (pH) of your mouth.

The many myths

There are also many myths out there when it comes to pregnancy with the more common ones including pregnant women losing a tooth with every child, X-rays being unsafe while a women is pregnant and so on.

It’s always best to see your NovaDental dentist to share any concerns you may have. Make an appointment today: 1300 549 750.