5 simple things you can do each day for your teeth

5 simple things you can do each day for your teeth

Posted on Apr 01, 2015

Can you answer these three questions?

#1: How long has it been since you bought a new pair of shoes?

#2: When did last visit your GP?

#3: How long has it been since you last visited your dentist?

If you had trouble answering that last question, sadly, you’re not alone.

Teeth – We chomp on food with them, use them to express our happiness, they even help us to form words so that we can speak properly.

Yet many people don’t dedicate nearly as much TLC as they should to their teeth.

Consider these alarming statistics according to the University of Adelaide’s Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health report*:

  • When it comes to 12-year-olds, 1 in 2 had tooth decay in their permanent teeth.
  • 3 in 10 adults aged between 25 and 44 had untreated tooth decay.
  • In total, 1 in 7 people aged 15 and over had experienced a toothache in the last year.

*Learn more about this report and its findings via the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website.

As you can see, dental health in Australia is certainly no laughing matter but the good news is that by doing these 5 simple things daily, you can help to keep your pearly whites in good shape:

#1 – Brush at least twice daily

Don’t underestimate how important it is to brush your teeth thoroughly after meals. Doing so twice a day is not a tough ask and will do your teeth the world of good.

#2 – Say no to sugary foods

Did you know bacteria in dental plaque changes sugars into acids? That’ll make you think twice the next time you reach for that sweet treat.

#3 – Use fluoridated toothpaste

Confused by the 394984933444 (okay, slight exaggeration but you get the drift) toothpaste products stocking supermarket shelves?

Keep it simple and always go for the one with fluoride as it helps to harden tooth enamel and reduces the risk of tooth decay.

#4 – Think twice about those acidic drinks

Soft drinks, cordials, fruit juices… As yummy as they all are, they each contain food acids that soften tooth material and dissolve the minerals in tooth enamel. Eventually, this causes holes (cavities/caries) and in very serious instances, teeth may be eaten right down to the gum.

#5 – Visit your dentist for regular check-ups

We get it: Going to the dentist isn’t exactly going to fill you with excitement but it is absolutely necessary.

Nipping any small issues in the bud right at the beginning, improves your chances of avoiding major dental treatment which in the long-term, saves you a significant amount of money (Some people end up spending an estimated $80k on their teeth during the course of their lifetime. Now that’s scary!).