5 foods that aren’t good for your teeth

5 foods that aren’t good for your teeth

Posted on Apr 30, 2015

Brushing is a key part of looking after your teeth but the food you’re consuming also plays a big part. How? Well..

We’re sure you’ve read plenty of articles about foods that aren’t great for your teeth but what about the foods no one talks about?

Everyone knows about the typical nasties to avoid but you might not have even thought of the foods on this list:

#1 – Chewable vitamins

Sure, it might seem strange but chewable vitamins actually contain sugar (which is why they’re not so bad on our taste buds). In addition to the added sugar content that doesn’t do your teeth any favours, chewable vitamins also tend to get stuck in your teeth’s fissures which is where most cavities begin. If you do take these chewable vitamins, it’s always best to rinse your mouth out and brush your teeth afterwards.

#2 – Certain fresh fruits

Oranges, lemons… you might be thinking we’re going to point out the amount of natural sugars in these fruits. However, it’s the enamel-eroding acids in citrus fruits in particular that cause your pearly whites the most trouble.

#3 – Dried fruit

The sugar concentrations in dried fried make them bad news for your teeth. Typically packed with non-soluble, cellulose fibres that can bind and trap sugars on and around the tooth, be wary of those delicious dried fruits.

#4 – Darker foods

Sure, you’d expect coffee and tea to stain your teeth but realistically, anything that could stain a white shirt, can also stain your teeth. Soy sauce, blueberries, cherries, cranberries… If you can visualise it, you know the likelihood of your teeth being stained is high.

#5 – Tomato sauce/ketchup

Everybody loves a little tomato sauce on their meat pie, right? Next time you reach for the sauce bottle, think twice. Why? It all comes down to the high levels of acidity in tomatoes. Eating foods such as lettuce or broccoli before can help to minimise the staining (that piece of advice might not help you out with a meat pie but it sure does if you’re downing a burger!).

Of course, there are some simple things you can do to ease staining. If you’re interested in teeth whitening, know that’s an option too.

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