Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal Melbourne CBD

Most adults have 4 wisdom teeth and they commonly start impacting other teeth as they grow and often need surgery for removal.

They have long been recognised as a source of problems and continue to be the most commonly impacted teeth in the human mouth. This is a common occurrence and here at NovaDental we have had many years of experience in removing one or all of your wisdom teeth.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

If a wisdom tooth starts to grow crooked it will start impacting other teeth and causing what is known as an Impacted Wisdom Tooth. Often the wisdom tooth that starts to come up is bigger than the other teeth in front of the wisdom tooth and this also causes impacting.

Wisdom teeth likely become impacted because of a mismatch between the size of the teeth and the size of the jaw. Impacted wisdom teeth are classified by their direction of impact and their depth compared to the biting surface of adjacent teeth.


Wisdom Tooth Infection

We often find that a wisdom tooth will cause an infection around the tooth or start causing an infection with teeth around it.

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