Why do people choose to get veneers?

compositevanBefore and After Everyone wants that perfect smile. Our smile has a massive impact on our looks and self-confidence. We all know a great smile leaves a first impression people don’t tend to forget too quickly.

So where do veneers fit into the picture?

Veneers are a thin, shell-like covering that is placed over the outer surface of your teeth. How can they be used? Veneers are great when it comes to:

  • Improving aesthetics.
  • Correcting anything such as cracks, chips, gaps, discolouration and tooth crowding.

Two different types of veneers are available: porcelain or composite veneers.

The difference between each lies in how they look and their cost. While porcelain veneers give you a more convincing look so that your teeth are more natural, a composite solution is cheaper and still gives a good cosmetic appearance.

Ultimately, opt for the type of veneer that best suits your budget and your aesthetic needs and you won’t go wrong. Ask your NovaDental dentist about the pros and cons of both before making any decisions.

If you think veneers might be a good fit for you, consider the following advantages:

  • They’ll instantly improve your smile.
  • Alongside a nicer smile, your overall looks will benefit as teeth help to keep your mouth intact.
  • Veneers will correct other imperfections as well (minor alignment issues, chips, discolouration etc.).
  • The porcelain variety is stain resistant.
  • By opting for veneers, you’re taking a conservative approach to changing your teeth’s shape and colour.

Do veneers sound like an ideal solution for you? As you’d expect, the process for composite and porcelain veneers do differ. We’ve outlined each separately below.

Composite veneers

Sometimes, your dentist may be able to place composite veneers directly over your existing tooth surface. Even in this instance, you may still need to have a small amount of tooth structure (enamel) removed so that there’s enough room for the facing to be placed. This treatment can usually be completed in the one visit.

Porcelain veneers

Before anything can be done, a tiny amount of enamel must be removed so that the veneer can fit comfortably over the tooth. The amount of enamel removed will match the thickness of the veneer.

An impression will then be taken of your teeth and a temporary veneer will be fixed to the tooth. This impression will then be sent to a lab where they’ll make a customised veneer to match your smile and achieve the aesthetic look you’re after. Providing everything goes to plan, this can all be completed in the one appointment.

During your second appointment, the customised veneer will be fitted to your tooth.