NovaDental is a Melbourne based dental practice, where the friendly staff are committed to providing excellent dental care to every patient, every day. Here at NovaDental, we are devoted to fulfilling the desires of our patients and provide individual treatment planning that cater to their individual needs to produce the best possible results for you.

Our professional staff here at NovaDental take the time to listen and understand your wants and needs and involve you in every step of the process in achieving your optimal results whilst not neglecting your oral health, teeth function and the desired aesthetics of your teeth.

Our team of dentists and staff are experienced and are highly qualified and share your interests of providing outstanding dental services, where we are committed to exceeding our patient’s expectations every day.

We administer the highest standard of services and care that combine highly qualified and skilled dentists that employ the latest technologies, tools and practises to provide you with exceptional results in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Our dental practise prides itself on maintaining a relaxing and safe environment for patients of all ages.

Our preventative care program and educational approach that we take with dentistry will ensure that you are given exceptional results with the knowledge to give you the best chance to keep your smile healthy and bright for life.

We take a personal and individual approach to all of the treatments and services that we offer to our patients. We understand that taking the time to listen and comprehend your particular needs is invaluable to you, which is why we offer individual treatment plans to really target your situation to achieve the best results possible. At NovaDental we involve you in the process of your diagnosis and treatment plan.

We implement an educational approach to our Melbourne based dental clinic where we offer professional advice and a wide range of choices for your consideration so that you can be positive that you are well informed before you make your decision.

Finally, our aim is to build a long-term relationship with our patients to maintain your beautiful smile and achieve optimal oral health.

At NovaDental, we offer complete dental treatments for you and your family. Our services range from regular general check ups and teeth cleaning to more complex and individual dentistry practises such as implants and other cosmetic dental procedures.

We believe that taking a personal and educational approach to your treatments is the best way for you to remain invested in your oral health. Do not hesitate to ask questions to your dentist so that they can carefully explain your options so you can be informed to make the best decision for you.

Our general dental treatments at NovaDental are extensive and comprehensive for patients of all ages. From extractions, fillings, treating gum disease and root canal treatments, all of our treatments are accomplished by our expert dentists to give you exceptional results.

Our Melbourne based dental clinic at NovaDental also specialise in a broad range of cosmetic dental practises. These treatments can have the biggest impact on your smile and the look of your teeth. It is often hard to achieve exceptional and lasting results, but the team at NovaDental are very experienced in cosmetic dental procedures. Our cosmetic treatments include, crowns and bridges, veneers and teeth whitening. No matter your cosmetic dental needs, NovaDental have a treatment solution for you!

Preventative care is one of the most fundamental treatments for patients that our staff at NovaDental offer. It is one of the best ways to ensure that you maintain a healthy mouth and gives you an excellent chance to preserve your smile. We give you the right knowledge and techniques that you can take home with you and apply yourself to prevent any future complications and treatments.

It is impossible to predict when the next accident will take place. Have bitten into an unexpected surprise in your food and cracked your tooth? Or have you woken up with excruciating pain caused by your emerging wisdom tooth? At NovaDental we know that accidents happen and you should not be waiting days, or possibly weeks, to get treatment. NovaDental are a team of skilled professionals who can attend to an emergency situation as quickly as possible. Simply call one of our team members who will make sure we get you out of immediate pain.

In the event that you need preventative dental care, or a specialised dental treatment in Melbourne, then NovaDental have got you covered! Our practise is ready to assist you with whatever your oral health needs may be. Contact our staff where they can arrange your next consultation and bring you one step closer to the perfect smile!


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