Preventative Care

At NovaDental we believe in providing a caring and understanding environment for our patients, which is why we rely on preventative care treatments to keep you smiling!

Not only does preventative dental care save you money in the long term but it also allows for our expert dentists and hygienists to detect and treat any oral health issues before they arise. These issues can become damaging you your health and will save you from needing extensive and complex dental treatments in the future.

Why is preventative care so important?

With the daily responsibilities of work, school and life, it becomes easy to overlook the importance of regular visits to the dentist and maintain a thorough check and clean. However, neglecting your oral health can be extremely detrimental to you overall health. We all know that a healthy and strong set of teeth is related to the quality of your life. The state of your teeth and gums can affect the way you speak, bite, chew and smile, or even alter the shape of your face.

Arranging regular preventative dentistry visits, checks and cleans are a necessary aspect of good oral care routines for you. At NovaDental, we advise each of our patients to visit our clinic at least twice a year for a professional check and clean of your teeth. We create a relaxed and calm environment for all patients.
It takes no time at all for tartar and plaque to turn into cavities, gum infection or disease and disrupt the health of your mouth causing you pain and discomfort. Brushing and cleaning your teeth at home is not sufficient enough to maintain an optimal level of hygiene and health for your mouth, which is why we advise our patients to receive a professional cleaning from our dental office.


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