Cracked or Broken Tooth

Chipped, Cracked Or Broken Tooth Melbourne

anxietyIf you have tooth pain or toothache it is highly likely you have a cracked or broken tooth. We can help you at NovaDental.

A cracked tooth is generally due to a fracture in the tooth and the symptom is often tooth pain or an aching jaw.

Treatment for a cracked tooth involves preventing the tooth from flexing during biting and grinding and could lead to one of the following solutions:

  • Stabilisation using a composite bonded restoration placed in the tooth. Sometimes a band is placed around the tooth to minimize flexing.
  • Crown restoration
  • Root Canal treatment
  • Extraction

Chipped Tooth

If part of a tooth gets chipped or broken, we can apply an artificial crown.

Crowns are used to cover a damaged tooth or bridge a gap between missing teeth. Missing teeth can make it more difficult to eat, and may also affect your speech as well.

Loose Tooth

One of the most common causes of a loose tooth is Periodontal disease.

This normally starts when the plaque that forms on your teeth around the gum line hardens into tartar. As the tartar forms the gum tissue becomes inflamed, bleeds easily and then pulls away from your tooth.

The gums can develop periodontal pockets that form around the tooth and can lead to the loss of bone and connective tissues that secure your teeth in place.

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