Preventative Care: The biggest myth surrounding seniors and teeth

Preventative Care: The biggest myth surrounding seniors and teeth

Posted on May 05, 2015

Pssst… While the NovaDental team don’t want to scare you in any way, we’d like to prepare you before revealing the truth about a certain matter.

Is it about The Tooth Fairy? No

Santa Claus? Guess again…

Get ready for the big reveal…

By properly caring for and maintaining your teeth throughout your lifetime, you should manage to keep your full set of teeth until the day you die. Why?

It all boils down to this simple fact: Most of what happens to your teeth is preventable.

One of the biggest myths surrounding teeth is that eventually, by the time we hit a certain age, we’ll lose our teeth due to ‘old age’ and need implants or dentures. People see this as being inevitable. It’s not.

In celebration of Senior Health and Fitness Day which is coming up later this month on

27 th May, NovaDental is shining a light on our more mature patients.

This day is all about highlighting just how important exercise and nutrition is for ongoing health and illness-prevention. Of course, how well you maintain your teeth during your lifetime directly relates to the kind of issues you may experience at a later date.

And there’s no disputing how important having healthy teeth is when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as we get older. We’ve all had that nasty nagging toothache that just spirals out of control.


Our experience tells us that a lot of people who fall within the 45+ age bracket tend to avoid visiting the dentist because of the possible costs involved.

We understand. Due to the nature and complexity of treatment sometimes required, dental fees can mount up.

With preventative care, at NovaDental, our focus is always on doing whatever is needed to maintain dental health. In other words:

It’s always best to have dental treatment when you need it as opposed to hitting a point where the treatment is urgent and can’t be put off any longer.

In saying that, our dentists understand not everyone can afford the major dental work that may be required. We see a decent number of patients visiting us with the intent to merely contain the damage that’s already been done. They see this as their main priority.

We understand: If you’re in pain or would like to have a better idea of what’s going on in terms of your oral health, gives us a call and book yourself in for a dental exam. While this will only set you back $65*, our dentists will be able to tell you what’s happening with your teeth and let you know if anything needs to be done immediately.

Often, waiting not only ends up costing patients more money, but it reduces the predictability of the treatment’s longevity.

So pick up the phone and give NovaDental a call – 1300 549 750.

*Examination fee of $65 does not include any hygiene: This is purely an oral health assessment and a follow-up discussion with your dentist.