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Considering Dental Veneers?

The most memorable characteristic of a persons smile is often their happy, confident smile. If you’ve met someone with dental imperfections or on the other hand, impeccable teeth, chances are you them noticed almost immediately!

Cosmetic treatments have grown increasingly popular as a result of this and are often a great way to quickly improve the appearance of your smile while preserving the natural function of your teeth.

If you’ve been looking in the mirror and have noticed you have stained, discoloured teeth or chip or crack you’d like to fix, dental veneers could be an excellent solution to completely transform the appearance of your smile, leaving you with natural looking teeth and the boost of self-confidence you’ve been wanting!

What are Veneers?

Dental veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available. As technique and technology has advanced over the years, veneers have become thinner and more natural looking! Veneers are widely popular as they are one of the few treatments that can be customised completely, allowing you to collaborate directly with your dentist to get your ideal smile. Whether it's a single tooth or a set of teeth you're wanting to fix, will be able to work with your dentist to achieve your desired tooth shape and even the shade!

Did you know veneers can treat multiple dental concerns including decay and crowding all at once?

Who can get Veneers?

In general, if you maintain good oral hygiene, you're the perfect candidate for veneers. Note the treatment is most commonly used to improve specific aspects of your teeth including:

  • Chipped or broken teeth

  • Yellow or discoloured teeth

  • Unusually shaped teeth

  • Crooked teeth or gaps (in some cases veneers can be a good alternative to orthodontics if you do not want to endure the lengthy treatment time of braces)

If you'd like to find out if veneers can give you a brighter smile, we recommend booking a consultation with the friendly team at Nova Dental.

Advantages of Veneers

  • Improve shape, length, proportion, colour, surface and texture of your teeth

  • Preserve natural function of your mouth

  • Durable and scratch resistant

  • The colour of your veneers will not alter overtime

What is the cost of Veneers?

The price of veneers is determined on the complexity of your individual case and the type of veneers you choose. During your consultation at Nova Dental, your dentist will recommend the best treatment option for you and will provide you with an estimate of the cost as well as payment options.

What does the process of getting Veneers involve?

Veneers treatment is a fairly simple procedure for your dentist to perform. Your transformation will involve a simple treatment that usually spans across three appointments over the duration of four weeks.

Appointment One: It's smile consultation time! During this appointment your dentist will provide you with a simulation so you can visualize your new look! Your Nova dentist will encourage you to discuss the aesthetics you’re after!

Tip: Don't forget this treatment is customisable! Do your research and show your dentist a photo of your dream smile!

Appointment Two: Your teeth will be prepared, and temporary composite veneers will be placed! Think of this appointment like test driving a new car. Over the next week or so, you can test run your new smile! The temporary veneers will allow you to provide feedback on any changes you would like your dentist to make before the final veneers are made

Appointment Three: Get ready to debut your new smile! During your last appointment your dentist will bond your veneers into place with a special bonding cement!

Taking care of your Veneers

Consider your veneers to be your natural teeth. Your veneers' lifespan is determined by a variety of factors, including your dental hygiene routine and how well you care for your mouth. To take the best care of your veneers, Nova dental recommends monthly dental check-up and clean appointments.

By now, you've undoubtedly gathered how veneers can change your life! If you have a dental issue or if you’re just looking to repair a few minor aspects of your teeth, veneers can cosmetically transform your smile and instantly change your appearance. Say 'hello' to your new smile today!

Original Article by Maven Dental


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