Toothy toddler tales

Toothy toddler tales

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

If you’re a parent, there’s no disputing that you have a massive part to play in terms of establishing healthy habits as part of your family’s lifestyle.

Healthy eating, healthy activities and so on… We all know about the more obvious things that tend to make up this list but have you put much thought into your kids’ oral health and habits?

We’ve put together a list of ways you can make an early start on taking care of your child’s dental needs early on.

Tip #1 – Your child’s first appointment

A lot of parents who visit our clinics aren’t sure when to first book in an appointment for their kids with one of our dentists. Your child should be booked in to see a dentist by their first birthday. We’re big believers in preventative care because it’s better for your teeth and ends up saving you a lot of money in the longer term (look out for Jon’s video where he talks about preventative care – you’ll be able to watch it online soon).

Tip #2 – Good habits start early

Even before your bub has any teeth to show off, it’s important to gently brush their gums. Feel free to ask your dentist for more pointers but you can get started by using water on a baby toothbrush or cleaning gums with a soft washcloth. And don’t forget about flossing… You can start as soon as any two baby teeth touch one another.

Tip #3 – Grab that toothpaste at 2

When your child hits 2, you can ease them into toothpaste with a non-fluoride option. Hold off until they’re at least 3 before you start introducing any toothpaste that includes fluoride.

Tip #4 – Water is your friend

As a general rule, most infant foods tend to wash off rather easily with a drink of water after meals. We say it’s good to introduce a very soft toothbrush early on so that your child can get used to having it in their mouth. Brushing your bub’s teeth becomes more important when they reach around the 18 month mark because that’s when they tend to start eating solid, table foods.

Tip #5 – Dummy knowledge

If you’ve got a baby, you know that they just love putting absolutely anything in their mouth. Dummy and thumb sucking are two of the more popular options for kids. Over the years, we have seen parents who dip their kids’ dummy into sugar, honey, juice of even sweetened drinks. Just be mindful that doing so can lead to tooth decay. And of course, it goes without that saying that you don’t want to be dealing with tooth decay from a young age. Also, be aware that if you tend to clean your child’s dummy if it falls on the floor by putting it into your mouth and then giving it back to your baby, you could unknowingly be passing on your oral health issues.

The team here at NovaDental is committed to helping your entire family to keep their teeth for life.

Remember, preventative care is always the best way forward when it comes to your child’s dental care. Give us a call on: 1300 549 750.