Dental implants: why you should get a second opinion

Dental implants: why you should get a second opinion

Posted on Nov 03, 2015 Dental Implants Melbourne

If you’re seriously considering dental implants, getting a second opinion is always wise. Our principal dentist, Dr Koz, has extensive experience working in this field and trained with the man widely known as the father of modern dental implantology, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark.


Here’s another way to think of it all that you may relate more to. Say you were going to buy a new television, would you just walk into a shop and buy the first thing you saw? Most of us certainly wouldn’t and we’re just talking about possessions here. So why wouldn’t we ask even more questions when it comes to our health?


Single tooth, bridge supported, denture supported, all on four… there’s no one size fits all when it comes to dental implants. If you’re considering your options, it’s important to be aware of the different types and what makes them different. Your NovaDental dentist will be able to guide you in the right direction and in the meantime, we’ve addressed some common queries below.


Will dental implant treatment be painful?


As you’re placed under local anesthetic by your dentist, dental implant shouldn’t be painful. Essentially, it shouldn’t feel much different to getting a filling.


Can I eat after surgery?


This one’s always best answered by your dentist – they’ll be able to give you a few pointers as to what foods are relatively safe. Generally speaking, it’s best to eat foods that are soft and will provide you with adequate nutrition. Also, be sure to keep yourself hydrated too. You’d be surprised at how many patients forget about hydrating themselves.


How much will dental implants cost?


Like all dental treatment, before anyone can provide you with any kind of costs, you will need to have an examination. It’s only after your dentist assesses your individual situation, that a treatment method can be discussed.


Like everything in life, you’ll hear and read many things about dental implants but the reality is, it’s always best to discuss your options with a dentist. And don’t forget, if you’ve already done your homework and are all set to get those dental implants sorted, do consider getting a second opinion.


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