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Fillings or Restorations

  • Repair broken or decayed teeth
  • Provide longevity for your teeth
  • Strengthen your teeth
  • Prevent further damage or decay
  • Options are amalgam (metal material) or composite (white resin material) to make these repairs

Root Canal Treatment

  • Removes infection in the root of the tooth
  • Eliminates horrible tooth pain that keeps you awake at night
  • This can be either a two or three visit procedure depending on the tooth, time required by the dentist and type of infection
  • Once the infection is treated you will then have a crown to strengthen and seal the tooth to prevent any further infection
  • Once you are out of initial pain don’t skip the next appointments because the infection has not been fully managed and your pain will return


Gum Disease

  • Gums support your teeth and are essential for your dental and overall health
  • Gum disease is an infection in your gums that occurs because of poor brushing or flossing techniques
  • If your gums are not healthy you will progressively loose teeth over time because there is nothing to keep your teeth in place
  • This is treatable and reversible if diagnosed at the early stages
  • If you have bleeding when brushing or flossing these are the initial signs of gum disease so schedule a hygiene appointment as quickly as possible



  • Can happen because of damage or injury; advanced tooth decay; advanced gum disease or overcrowding in your mouth
  • Simple extractions can be completed in the dental chair with local anaesthetic
  • Recovery is quick with minimal to no swelling
  • Most patients have only a half to full day off work following a simple extraction
  • NovaDental dentists’ are very experienced in surgical extractions

From teeth whitening to dentures and dental implants, our friendly, professional team will ensure that your next trip to the dentist is a positive one.

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