Say cheese! Cheese and your teeth

Say cheese! Cheese and your teeth

Posted on Apr 08, 2015

blog2Mmmm, cheese: It’s one of the most versatile ingredients at our fingertips. Enjoy it alone, in sandwiches, melt it (and your heart) on toast, whack it in any meal to take it to another level, include it in an antipasto meal platter to posh things up a bit… Ahhh, we love our cheese!

Here’s the even better news. Sure, cheese tastes great but it also provides a range of health benefits to the body and in particular, the teeth.

Fact: Teeth and bones are alike so just as the calcium, phosphorus and protein that’s naturally found in dairy foods is great for your bones, it’s also important for your teeth.

As we’ve said numerous times: Dental problems are largely preventable.

Cheese lovers out there will be pleased to learn that cheese can help to play a protective role for our teeth.

Here’s a rundown of how the nutrients found in cheese are important for the teeth:

  • Calcium, phosphorous and protein help to maintain the teeth’s normal structure.
  • The main protein found in teeth is casein – This is also important for maintaining dental health.
  • It’s thought that consuming cheese may assist in the stimulation of saliva which helps to reduce dental problems.


Of course, we’ve provided a very brief rundown here but do ask your local NovaDental dentist for more information if you’re interested.

Where does the Australian Dental Association fit in? Basically, they recommend eating a small amount of cheese after meals.

Why? After all, it seems odd to eat cheese after a meal.

It all goes back to the first highlighted point above: Nutrients in cheese are important for the normal structure of teeth.

Now, we haven’t even touched on lactose’s role but the next time you grab a piece of cheese, do so with a big smile because you’ll be helping your teeth!*

*Plus, it is mighty delicious!