It’s Banana Day! Hooray for your teeth! Or is it?

It’s Banana Day! Hooray for your teeth! Or is it?

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

It’s Banana Day! What are the origins of Banana Day? We’re not sure (and we don’t think anyone else quite knows either) but we do know this day is all about that yellow, delicious fruit/herb (yep, not a typo – Keep reading for more) that is a peel-and-go option for those busy beavers out there.

And hey, beyond being an easy option, they’re one of the most loved fruits/herbs out there because they’re downright delicious: Banana bread, banana pudding, banana smoothies… The possibilities are endless.

That said, our love of bananas isn’t anything new. Something else that isn’t new is that sugar is bad for your teeth.

Now, because bananas are perceived as a healthy food (and they are), we often don’t think of what they could be doing to our teeth.

Let us explain…

As they’re high in sugar (sucrose, fructose and glucose) and are sticky, bananas tend to cling to the teeth and just don’t promote the flow of saliva.

In contrast, a firm, crunchy firm fruit (take an apple for example), can actually help to assist in the prevention of tooth decay because they buffer acid while washing away food particles thanks to their high water content.

So, what can you do? First of all, it’s important to know we’re not saying not to eat bananas ever. They are healthy, you just need to make sure you either rinse out your mouth with water or even better, brush your teeth.

This will wash away the sugar sitting on your teeth.

Also, do keep an eye on how many bananas you’re eating. Bananas contain fibre and as such, are digested slower than other foods boasting similar high sugar levels.

Watch out for those riper bananas too – Not only do they contain more sugar, they could contribute to other health issues if you overdo it.

To finish off, we’ve listed five facts about bananas you may not be aware of (it’s all a little bit of fun).

#1 – There are an estimated 1,000 different types of banana plants in the world but some are unpalatable.

#2 – Bananas don’t grow on trees but from a root structure that produces an above ground system.

#3 – The banana plant is a herb while the banana itself is actually a berry!

#4 – Heard of the phrase ‘going bananas?’ It was first recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary.

#5 – A single banana is commonly called a ‘finger.’