Can garlic treat a toothache?

Can garlic treat a toothache?

Posted on Apr 19, 2015

Yesterday was Garlic Day (yes, it really exists) and when it comes to vegetables and myths, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more discussed veggie than garlic.

Perhaps one of the most famous beliefs is that when combined with a branch of wild rose and hawthorn plant, garlic is said to ward off vampires.

In relation to your own set of fangs (or teeth), for many years, garlic has been said to have the capacity to treat toothaches.

If you do your research, this all comes back to garlic proving itself as an effective antiseptic over the years. It’s been found to have strong antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Below, you’ll find five interesting ways garlic has been used over the years to treat toothaches.

Before you attempt any of these, we do highly recommend you get advice from a NovaDental dentist. As they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Garlic and salt

When you mix garlic and salt, you’ll get a warm salty mixture that you can use to rinse your tooth in. Not only is this thought to draw out the infection and kill bacteria, it’s also been said to remove lingering burning/stinging sensations.

Garlic and peanut butter

This theory all comes back to peanut butter containing resveratrol, a natural antibiotic and antioxidant. While peanut butter alone can also be used to treat a toothache, by combining it with garlic, its effect is made far more potent. As a bonus, the peanut butter also helps to flavour the overpowering taste of garlic (you know what we mean).

Garlic powder

If you don’t have any fresh garlic on-hand (sometimes, you just don’t), go down the garlic powder path if you’ve got that handy in the pantry. Warning: This could sting a little so prepare yourself. Just dab some of the powder onto the affected area, leave it to soak for several minutes and then rinse it off with warm salt water.

Garlic mouthwash

Doesn’t this just sound like a treat? Maybe not, but a potent glug of this mixture can provide you with quick relief and we all know how painful a toothache can be. Simply crush 4 cloves of garlic, add one level teaspoon of salt, grab some hot water and mix it all up. Wait for the mixture to cool down and then drink it up, being sure to swish it around your mouth and the affected tooth and gum area. Feel free to repeat the process.

Hey, the thought of eating garlic combined with a variety of other ingredients might not get you excited but when you’re struggling with toothache pain, you’ll try anything.

Give it a shot but do consult a NovaDental dentist first – Your problem might be a little more serious than a toothache.