Why do you hate the dentist?

Why do you hate the dentist?

Posted on Apr 15, 2015

Ask any dentist what words they hate hearing most and they’re likely to say:

“I hate coming here.”

“I don’t want to be here.”

“How long before I have to come back?”

Unfortunately for all of the dentists out there, these also happen to be the combination of words they hear most from patients.

The team at NovaDental gets it and we certainly don’t expect visiting the dentist to rank on your Bucket List.

That said, it is very important to look after your teeth for so many reasons. So… We know it’s never going to be something you look forward to but we’re doing everything we can on our end to make visiting the dentist as pleasant as possible.

Visiting the dentist has to be done (at least once a year, preferably twice) so why not make it the best experience possible?

Our team has listed five hates we most commonly hear in our clinics and a reason not to let this prevent you from visiting a NovaDental clinic:

#1 – The needle: You can see it in your head too… That massive syringe heading towards your gums. Eeek!

We say: Make sure your dentist is aware of your fear. All of our dentists at NovaDental believe in patient comfort and in his 30 plus years in the dental industry, Dr Koz has played an integral part in developing techniques that make necessary dental injections as comfortable as possible for you.

Your dentist will also be able to take you through any other options that may be available to you to replace injections (for example, numbing gels).

#2 – The pain: There’s no doubt teeth are one of the most sensitive areas of our body. Regardless of who we are, everyone hates pain.

We say: Again, this is where NovaDental’s focus on patient comfort really comes into play. Put your trust in our team of experts and ask about your options. Technology is always improving and Dr Koz and the team has always been an industry leader in this area.

#3 – The sounds and smells: You know what we’re talking about… That strange ‘medical’ smell not to mention, the experience of lying back while all sorts of sounds drill their way through your brain.

We say: We put a lot of effort into making you feel comfortable and assure you that we do our best to minimize any sounds and smells you may find distressing. Our team does everything within our power to ensure pleasant scents waft through the air so that you’re not immediately hit with a ‘medical’ smell when you walk into one of our clinics.

#4 – Poor service: Dentists have earned themselves a bad rap when it comes to something rather simple in our books: Customer service. Generally, they don’t seem to identify with their customers (yes, $4,000 is a lot of money to spend on one procedure) and hey, they do have a knack for lecturing patients.

We say: This is often the number one sticking point with people. Regardless of whether you speak with one of our reception staff, our dentists, a hygienist or any other NovaDental staff member, we always treat you with mutual respect.

We understand not everyone has the kind of money needed for the dental treatment required and we’ll work alongside you to work towards a solution that works within your budget.

#5 – The cost: After being whipped in and out in minutes, it isn’t rare to hear people’s surprise when they’re quoted a hefty fee at the reception desk. It’s an expensive expertise but some dentists seem to lack the ability to explain to patients why certain treatments cost as much as they do.

We say: Yes, dental work is costly however, what you won’t get at a NovaDental clinic is rushed in and out the door. Our dentists always take the time to explain any treatments required thoroughly.

Have we ticked all of your boxes? Covered all of your complaints?

We hear you and we’d like to chat to you more about any or all of the above points. Feel free to give us a buzz, make an appointment and have a one-on-one session with a NovaDental dentist who’ll be able to paint a clearer picture for you.

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