Scared of the Dentist?

Scared of the Dentist?

Posted on Sep 30, 2014

If you are scared of the Dentist you are not alone. So many people suffer from this that they have given it a name…..Dentophobia!

Many people fear dental visits. This is often because fo bad experiences as a child or from outdated media presentation, stereotypesor prejudices and fears passed on from parents and/or friends.

I mean how many of us have heard the tale of some poor person who had such a difficult extraction that the dentist had to kneel on the patient’s chest to pull the tooth out leaving them bruised and traumatised?

This tale is well outdated, perhaps it happened once but not any more. Ask any of our dentists and they will tell you there are much easier and gentler ways to achieve the same outcome.

Rest assured dentistry has come a long way and there have been many advancements in technologies and treatments making a trip to the dentist a much more positive experience.

However the best way to overcome fear is to dicuss any and all concerns with you dentist and their assistant. Through clear communication and eduation out tams can put a lot of your fears to rest. So be sure to ask questions and make sure you understan your treatment. It is important that you are comfortable wit the treatment you are receiveding and that you are confident in your dentist. We are happy to take the time to make your visit to out clinics a positive one…..and if you still want someone to hold your hand our nurses would be happy to accomodate that.

Take care and rememeber to floss