Dental Anxiety Explained

Dental Anxiety Explained

Posted on Jul 14, 2015

are you one of those people who fears going to the dentist? You know the signs we’re talking about…

– Not being able to sleep the night before your appointment.

– Getting belly rumblings before your appointment.

– Sweaty palms in the waiting room.

Yep, those are the typical signs when it comes to patients fearing the dentist. This is called Dental anxiety. There’s nothing at all to be embarrassed about: you’d be surprised as to how many people are in the same boat.

At NovaDental, we’re here to make your visit to the dentist as stress-free as possible. No one should have to suffer with Dental anxiety… especially because of something that needs to be done preferably twice a year and at the very least, once a year (pssst: your dental check-up).

In the long-run, avoiding regular dental check-ups is likely to come back to bite you in a big way (learn more about our commitment to preventative care).

If visiting the dentist does tend to give you the jitters, we’ve put together some really simple tips that’ll help you to overcome your nerves:

  1. Find a dentist you’re comfortable with

It sounds like common sense but the more comfortable you are with your dentist, the better your chances of avoiding unnecessary stress while in the dentist’s chair. Don’t forget to communicate with the dental team about the things that tend to bother and worry you. For some people, it’s the smell that really sets them off while for others, they hate the sounds typically associated with dental clinics.

  1. Do whatever you need to for your nerves

For some people, putting their earphones in and listening to their music acts as a form of distraction. For others, controlled breathing prior to heading into their appointment really does the trick. We encourage you to ask for anything you feel will relax you and we’ll do what we can to make it happen.

  1. Communicate with the dental team

If you’re starting to feel stressed or in pain, make sure you speak up or send a signal of some kind to your dentist. In other words, don’t just allow the pain or anxiousness to build-up to a point where you’re about to pop.

Every day, we see numerous patients visiting us with a very real fear of the dentist. That said, the patient and dentist can work together to ease the anxiousness associated with the situation.

If you’ve been putting off that next appointment because of your pesky fear of the dentist, don’t! Put an end to it and make an appointment at a NovaDental clinic today: 1300 549 750.