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  • Offer a perfect cosmetic solution to discoloured or chipped teeth
  • Either porcelain or composite materials are used to create a new outer surface of your tooth
  • Porcelain costs more than composite which your NovaDental dentist can discuss with you
  • For a naturally looking result you need the experience and expertise of the NovaDental dentists’, this can go horribly wrong in the hands of inexperienced dentists


  • Provide improved strength and longevity to teeth that are worn out, damaged or decayed
  • This is just like having a new tooth structure that is very strong and durable so that you can chew comfortably and smile with confidence
  • Also a cosmetic solution for teeth that are not even in colour, shape or size
  • This is a two appointment procedure
  • The crown itself is made by a dental laboratory and is designed to fit perfectly to your existing tooth structure and is colour matched to blend in with your other teeth
  • The NovaDental dentists’ have significant skill in providing you with a beautiful result



  • Is a suitable option if you are missing either one or multiple teeth
  • Improves the function of your teeth and particularly your bite which can be weakened with multiple missing teeth
  • Can also provide a solution for persistent gum disease and TMJ disorders which can cause headaches over time if not treated as a result of your missing teeth
  • Provides stability and longevity for your smile with a very natural looking result
  • Bridges are also like having a face lift because they will enhance and improve the shape of your face
  • This is a multiple appointment procedure with a choice of materials to best meet your needs and budget
  • The bridge is made by a dental laboratory to fit perfectly in your mouth and is colour matched to blend in with your other teeth
  • NovaDental dentists’ have significant expertise and experience in providing beautiful smiles using bridges for their patients’

Cosmetic dentistry will improve the way you look and feel.

NovaDental has the skills, expertise and experience to positively change your life for the better.

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