5 ways to reinvent yourself and your life at any age

5 ways to reinvent yourself and your life at any age

Posted on Oct 20, 2015

“Someday is not a day of the week.” – Denise Brennan-Nelson


Sometimes, we can get so bogged down with what’s happening on a daily basis that we forget this important fact: we all have a choice.


We tend to overcomplicate things because we over think everything and talk ourselves out of what we already know. At the end of the day, we all have that intuitive sense (or gut feeling) that shows us the way. The trick is tuning into it and having enough faith to follow through with what you know deep down is right for you.


Speaking of being more in tune with yourself, the more you mature, the more external factors fade away and you start realising what you love about your life and what you’d like to dedicate less time to.


As we mature, people commonly experience a shift in how they feel and their behaviour. Suddenly:

  • Pleasing others at the cost of your own happiness doesn’t fly.
  • Forcing yourself to do things just to please others doesn’t work for you.
  • You’re no longer interested in those who don’t positively contribute to your life.


Sound familiar?

If reinventing yourself is in the works, we’ve put together 5 quick tips that’ll help you to relinquish the old and welcome in the new.


Tip #1 – Say no to guilt

Sometimes, when we decide that a fresh start is in order, part of this involves leaving things and certain people behind and it’s only natural to feel guilty about it all. Push that guilt away because it’s just a waste of energy.


Tip #2 – Carpe Diem

Or in other words, seize the day! If you’re not content, shake things up a little and seek that new passion that’ll see you bouncing out of bed each morning.


Tip #3 – Fear is your friend

Anyone who takes a chance and tells you they’re not scared is lying. It’s that simple. Whenever you’re outside your comfort zone, while you may not feel on top of the world, you can be sure that amazing things are in the works.


Tip #4 – Follow your passion

Think back to what you enjoyed doing when you were younger… remember that feeling of pure happiness and joy? Just because you’ve grown up, it doesn’t mean your real passions need to make way for what’s practical and will bring in money.


Tip #5 – Be unstoppable

Have a good, honest discussion with yourself and consider this question:


What is really holding you back?

Chances are, it’s your fears and hang-ups. Whether that relates to your age, your need to feel as though you have a stable job, a fear of failing… put yourself out there, be willing to make a fresh start and just go for it!


Behind every self-confident go-getter ready to reinvent themselves and take on the world, is a great smile! Have a good think about it because smiling is a big part of our lives. It’s a big wide world out there and sometimes, reinventing yourself takes you to places you never would have expected to find yourself.


If you’re feeling good about yourself, there’s really nothing stopping you from taking on the world. If your smile could be better, head down to your local NovaDental dentist to have a chat about what can be done. Invisalign, teeth whitening, dentures, implants… don’t worry, it’s not all as scary and confronting as you think.


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