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Dentures (sometimes called false teeth) are used as a replacement for missing teeth.  These are generally made from an acrylic plastic or a combination of metal and acrylic plastic.  They are made to look like your real teeth but do not have all functionality of natural teeth.

Types of Dentures

  • Complete or Full Dentures- replace all the teeth on the top or bottom jaw (or sometimes both)
  • Partial Dentures- replace missing teeth when some natural teeth still exist in the jaw.  The natural teeth are used to anchor the partial denture.
  • Overdentures- clip over the top of an attachment that have been placed in roots of existing teeth or can be made to fit over dental implants
  • Implant Retained Dentures- are held securely in the mouth by dental implants placed into the jaw bone
  • Immediate Dentures- these can be placed in the mouth immediately following an extraction.  This is a very efficient treatment and is much more comfortable than the old way of extracting the teeth and replacing them with a denture some three months later

Do they hurt?

Dentures will take a little bit of getting used to especially when eating or speaking.  You may find some foods are difficult to eat so your diet might be slightly altered.

Dentures should not be painful or uncomfortable, if they are you should see you dentist for an adjustment so they fit correctly.

Will Dentures effect my appearance?

Ill fitting and worn dentures will tend to make your face shrink and allow you chin to come closer to your nose.  Careful attention by your dentist can ensure your appearance is the best it can be.

Looking after Dentures

Dentures need to be carefully looked after.  Just like teeth they will gather bits of food and plaque will build up over time.  They must be brushed and soaked to keep them in good condition.  It is important that you discuss care instructions with your dentist.